Hair apparent

It was time. Damn thing was becoming a bother. Another inch and it would really bother me.

Last time, I spent $$$ so I was going to be careful this time round. I searched for the preferred option on the net, but the nearest one would have cost more to reach than the actual service.

At lunch time today, Kris and I happened to see a place that suited my requirements…for $20. I made an appointment for 6 pm and went back to work. I must say that it was worth it – haircut, shampoo and even a mini head massage all for $20. I was so happy I left a largish tip.

Before you say that I should have gone to Supercuts, the nearest one is rather far away and would have cost me as much as the haircut to cab it there.

It was rather cold today at 33 F (1 C) so I decided to be safe and go to the hotel via the skyway. It wouldnt do to have my hair freeze up in icicles. However, since the place was only across the street from the hotel complex bldg, I made a successful dash for it.

So much for Peter Lynch. ShareKhan’s new rule of haircut investing – Dont buy a stock because you have a good hair day. Buy it because its worth it.


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